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Joined Dec 9, 2022

Mycroft or O4HeistsSake, also known as Jay

Who Am I?

Well I'm Jay,

Despite how I act I am not:

  • ScottishRambler's modern-day slave that one day he will replace with a bot... He wishes?
  • Lilly's favorite daddy, She claims?
  • Jody's Cringiest L Mod? She thinks?

I'm a simple guy from England.

Mostly I specialize in bugging Scottish to add tags, beg him to not add bots, and give me more features to improve the site.

I also enjoy sharing my passion as a foodie at the most inconvenient times, Leaving everyone hungry.

I love to watch people express their art and creativity while streaming their RolePlay and help streamers in whatever they may need if I can. I am a moderator for just over 20 streamers now that I simp for, You can check some of them out here...

But mostly I was a HasRoot user for over a year and I wanted to make the site better.

And that is my goal.

What Does A Team Member Do?

Good question, Find out in RP, Jokes, I do various tasks for HasRoot, From finding and adding missing information such as characters, fallbacks and tags. I help with support tickets and server additions. Helping find servers we do not track yet with amazing and interesting content the viewers would love. Support and mentor helpers. And basically answering and helping with any questions or issues presented, Long story short, literally anything and everything I can sink my teeth into to help and support HasRoot and our users alike.

Do I Stream?

Yes when I can, You can check me out below, feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have. O4HeistsSake